tyFlow v0.16128 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16128 is up!



* added rotation align settings to Array operator
* added "delete keys outside of time range" option to tyFlow spinner right-click menu
* added export groups option to operator filters
* added new Bounds Fracture operator options, giving more control over which bounding box axis is sliced
* added tfMatrix rotation functions to Script operator
* added interpolation curve control to tyLooper modifier
* added seed by time option to Rotation operator


* fixed an issue where VRay proxy data (loaded from an .abc file) containing multiple mesh sub-elements would not have proper sub-mesh transform offsets
* fixed an issue with certain operators where timing modes wouldn't work correctly if sim time step set to value not evenly divisible by frame tick count
* Birth Objects operator now respects internal scale multiplier of input VRayProxy objects
* Birth operator particle count over time made independent of simulation time scale
* tidied up the Voronoi Fracture operator rollouts
* fixed a regression where tySwitcher settings in the Export Particles operator stopped working correctly
* fixed a Birth Skeleton crash that could occur when "cull tiny junctions" is enabled

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