tyFlow v1.0053
tyFlow v1.0053 is up!


NOTE: as with the last build, this build features a full UI re-write...which means it may be unstable. If you need to revert back to v1.005, the download link for that build is still at the bottom of the regular tyFlow download page.


* fixed an issue where Max would crash if you deleted a reference node of the Shape operator
* fixed an issue where copying+pasting a Shape operator between flows would not transfer the settings properly
* fixed an issue that could cause Max to crash when double-clicking an object in a listbox
* fixed an issue where typing in a Qt line edit control would reset the cursor to the start of the word after each keypress
* fixed an issue where selecting an object with a tyFlow modifier listbox visible would cause Max to start moving the object in the viewport
* fixed a regression where dragging downwards on an integer spinner would still increase the value by a positive amount
* fixed an issue where the Shape operator wouldn't select the head node of a group if the group is closed and selected as a reference node
* fixed issues with Shift+Click selections in the Shape operator

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