tyFlow v1.102
tyFlow v1.102 is up!



* added "cull internal faces" option to fracture output rollout of Multifracture modules
* added camera frustum culling options to tyCache object culling rollout
* added "bounds ratio" select mode to tySelect modifier, for selecting elongated elements
* added random variation parameter to tyPush elements mode


* fixed an issue where no fractures may be generated on a multifracture mesh with per-element fractures enabled (and surface area relativity), if the first element is too small to generate any fractures.
* fixed an issue where enabling/disabling the unify noise parameter in the tyMultifracture modifier could crash Max
* fixed an issue that could cause the tyMultifracture modifier to re-evaluate on the stack, even if no parameters or inputs were changed
* fixed an issue in the Terrain Color operator that could cause Max to crash when too many layer mask exports enabled
* fixed an issue that could cause terrain artifacts when using the stratify Terrain FX mode on a terrain with negative height values
* fixed a regression that could cause tyFlow to crash while recycling display meshes
* fixed a regression that could cause PhysX to crash when running in multithreaded mode

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