Neighbour property test
Hey tyson

I made a simple setup to understand more about the nieghbour property test and its parameters

i basically made one particle born on a surface, gave a Speed Y operator to move in Y - direction and assigned particle group for neighbour test
then I spawned 20000 offspring (from one particle) before particle group operator and assigned a neighbour test with a display red to figure out how many are selected.

To my knowledge i found out that search radius was working fine , but the look ahead parameter was always looking ahead in X - axis and not along velocity Vector, the sweep test was acting weird and the field of View was not behaving at all...

I am uploading 3dsmax 2020.2 file
Please check in the matter

Thank you
Nayan Bodawala

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Your scattered particles have no velocity, so their look ahead direction will indeed by (1,0,0) because in max when you normalize an empty vector it defaults to (1,0,0). The lack of velocity will also affect the FOV and sweep test params.

Perhaps in the future I can modify the Property Test to have an option to either use the velocity, or a local particle axis instead.
Oh ok, I thought these parameters are more related to neighbours and not itself....yeah I think you should have the option of using either velocity or local particle axis....coz I guess that make sense.....

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