something's wrong with la mer
Hey fellow flowers.

please enjoy my personal project to learn underwater scenes and tyflow cloth bind in particular - i actually wanted to dig into 
tyactor too but it kinda didn't work i still don't know why Sad

i'll post it without sound, cause i don't earn the right to the song of charles trenet - la mer. 
so please imagine the song la mer playing in the background with a slight pitch, still a good song but just not sounding right.
so my concept behind the work is, the visually pleasing imagery is kind of pretty, the truth behind it is just ugly and so threatening to
almost all live on planet. so in a case we still have jellyfish swimming through the sea, rhytmic, majestic floating around but they're
actually plastic bags. i want the viewer to feel a little disturbed by the fact, that he/she likes what he/she sees when it's so threatening.
so actually (with the pitched, and disrupted song 'la mer') it leaves you with a little bit of a "hey that's actually nicely looking, but just wrong"

or whatever it does to you, i'll love to hear your comments Smile

on the technical side:

i tried animating a plastic bag to move like a jellyfish, used a tyactor for that, keyframed animations and wanted the keyframed actor to move like cloth - didn't work. it just didn't use the animation unfortunately. however i solved it with keying the inflation and gravity numbers in the cloth bind and also played around with some force. if you have any instructions or help to share - so i could actually use a clothed tyactor to achieve a better result / or different - i'd be really glad Smile

also the clip should actually be a bit longer but those 13 seconds already cost about 1,5 days rendering on my machine soooo yeah Big Grin


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