tyFlow v0.16065 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16065 is out!



* in case OpenCL initialization crashes on startup (usually due to bad/outdated drivers), tyFlow will automatically skip OpenCL initialization the next time max is run
* added parent/sibling display to Display Data operator
* added "time (frames)" test to filters rollout
* added Edge Frature operator for fracturing the convex corners of shape meshes


* fixed a regression causing the Brick Fracture operator to give results with missing bricks
* fixed a regression where tyActors using a skin modifier could crash max
* improved rigidity of PhysX Bind deformation function - position offsets of particles will now be preserved properly, whereas before deformations could cause particle bindings to stretch apart
* fixed an issue where the Resample operator was corrupting certain particle parent/child relationships
* fixed a bug where the DLA growth algorithm was not being affected by the built-in growth forces
* fixed a regression where tyCache cloth/actors/etc were not inheriting assigned material IDs
* Export Particles will now respect render-only Shape parameters
Hi I am using Indigo renderer as the render engine .Indigo is not rendering the tyflow meshes whereas other render engine is rendeiring .

Kindly help me out to solve this problem /
tyFlow interfaces with the max API to return meshes for rendering in a standardized way. If you've added the proper Mesh operators and your particles are not rendering, it's an issue with Indigo and you'll need to ask the developers of it for help.

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