tyFlow v0.16067 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16067 is out!



* added "auto-export on render" mode to Export Particles objects mode
* added new settings/filters to Edge Fracture operator, for isolating corners, filtering edges by length, etc.
* Timing rollout now allows for both frame inclusions and exclusions
* you can now copy and paste filters between operators
* added options to all animatable spinner right click menus within tyFlow interface, allowing you to quickly set keys, change out-of-range types, etc
* Birth Objects operator will now apply tyProperties modifier settings on input geometry to created particles
* added "include unused particles" option to tyActor, for importing particles from a tyParticleSkin-skinned mesh that are not weighted to any vertices
* added out-of-range frame settings to tyCache
* added split elements option to tyBoolean for disabling the parallel processing of input mesh elements
* tyFaceExtrude modifier now carries vertex selections forward properly
* added modal progressbar overlays to Export Particles functions
* added world space noise mode to Displace operator


* fixed issues with the Export Objects operator not properly animating object transforms
* fixed an issue that could cause the Voronoi Fracture operator to crash in certain circumstances
* fixed an issue where the PhysX Collider operator wouldn't necessarily update properly if you changed its input geometry and reset the simulation
* fixed a bug where the tyConform modifier was not respecting vertex selections when applied to a spline
* fixed a bug where tyCache scale overrides were not affecting render instances
* fixed a bug where the Set Target operator was not properly working in actor rig parent mode
* fixed an issue in the Birth Voxels operator where surface mode wasn't working if min dist to surface was greater than 0
* fixed an issue where some modifiers would ignore tySelect selections if "display sub-object in view" was disabled
* fixed an issue where particles behind a camera were still having their data displayed in incorrect screen locations by a Display Data operator
* fixed an issue with improper transforms being generated for particles from the Shape operator when originating nodes are part of a group
* fixed a potential crash caused by tyFlow's internal mesh pool
* fixed an issue where tyActors with multiple deforming meshes weren't updating properly
* fixed a bug where tySpiral parameters were not animatable
Thank you for all the hard work!
Yo Tyson. 

One question about exporting particles as non-objects (lights, grids, atmospheric). 
I am trying some test with simple atmospheric (volume fog). Do I need to click every time "export particles" and create thousands of instances, and then delete them manually if I don't like them, or it can be instant, like working with regular meshes? 
Can I use scanline for that sort of instancing, or I can use Vray?

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