tyFlow v0.16068 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16068 is out!



* added Filters rollout to Resample operator
* added Particle Bind ID filter to Resample operator
* added "limit per particle" option to Particle Bind Modify, for only affecting a certain number of bindings per particle
* added additional custom data settings to Resample operator in interpolation mode
* added surface area culling to tyCache
* tyConform raycast mode can now cast rays along an object z-axis
* "open edges only" option added to tyWeld modifier
* tyCache scale multiplier now has x/y/z controls
* added global breakability override to PhysX Bind break settings
* Element Attach operator now has filters rollout
* Find Target alignment settings now have interpolation parameter for smoother docking
* Script operator GetMonoVal/GetColorVal functions can now take Point3 arguments (ie, they respect 'w' coordinates)


* fixed an issue with the tySelect modifier where vertex colors assigned to channels other than zero do not properly update over time
* fixed an issue where tyMesher in input geometry mode wouldn't apply matID/mapping overrides assigned to particles
* fixed an issue where exporting a tyParticleSkinned actor to tyCache wouldn't result in a properly deforming mesh
* fixed an issue where GetMonoVal/GetColorVal functions of the Script operator would take orders of magnitude longer to evaluate when time input not equal to current time
* removed the not-very-useful "facing average" Rotation operator mode
* "facing closest" Rotation mode renamed to "Look-at" and fixed it so that it now properly accepts mesh objects (it accepted them before, but would only compute look-at points on the input object's pivot location)
* fixed an issue where Birth Flow/Flow Update were not loading mapping channels from input tyCaches
* fixed an issue where tyCaches would load empty basemeshes as particles

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