tyFlow v0.16069 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16069 is up!



* added "Keyframes" rollout to various operators (Scale, Speed, Force, Rotation, Slow, etc), for syncing parameter keyframes to particle age (note, this new rollout has replaced the previous "keyframe offset" parameters in the Scale operator...so if you were using that setting in a mode other than "absolute", you'll have to re-apply your settings using the equivalent option in the new Keyframes rollout)
* added clustering options to Particle Bind "ignore starting penetration" settings, for only ignoring the penetrations with certain particles
* Face Fracture operator can now be seeded by time
* added filter rollout to Split operator
* added "Closest Point" mode to Position Object operator
* added weld option to Element Attach operator, and further multi-threaded the attach process
* added "by ID" mode to tySelect modifier, for selecting sub-objects by id
* the Custom Properties operator can now set/get current animation frame of tyActor root particles
* added "Separator" to operator depot, for creating visual separation between operators in an event


* fixed an issue where Birth Objects wouldn't auto-update the input geometry if the flow is disabled, causing the old cache to persist when the flow is re-enabled, forcing the user to manually update
* improved an issue where the Edge Fracture operator was causing motion blur artifacts
* fixed an issue that would cause the Script operator to generate errors in certain circumstances, like after instancing a Script operator
* improved result of face-parallel displacement in Displace operator
* Export Particles prt exporter will now display proper partition number during export

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