tyFlow v0.16071 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16071 is up!



* added tySmooth modifier, for much faster mesh auto-smoothing than max's built-in Smooth modifier
* added offset and speed options to operator keyframes rollout
* added "at rendertime only" settings to cloth/actor mesh generation
* added "max neighbors" setting to Particle Physics operator (see docs for more info)
* added MAXScript listener performance warnings to Particle Physics operator
* added ability to save current animation frame to a custom float channel in the Shape operator
* added "current selection" and "relax" selectors to tySelect modifier


* fixed an issue where the Subdivide operator would crash if the max Macrorecorder is enabled
* fixed a bug that was causing tyParticleSkin to run much slower when "use mesh verts" is enabled, but no particles have mesh vertices
* fixed a crash that could occur in the Grow operator if clustering is enabled
* fixed an issue where the "real-world value" gravity menus weren't respecting system unit scales (they were assuming 1 unit = 1 inch)
* fixed a crash that could while processing a mesh with no faces
* fixed a rare bug that could result in NaNs being generated by surface proximity tests (side-effects were things like particles jumping to wrong locations within Object Bind operators)
* fixed an issue where a retimed sim that's an input object of another sim wouldn't update properly
* fixed an issue where tyConform wouldn't update after landing on a keyframe where the influence amount is 0%

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