tyFlow v0.16072 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16072 is up!



* IMPORTANT NOTE: changes to the Shape operator in this version will make files saved with this version incompatible with previous versions of tyFlow. If you load files saved with this version into previous versions of tyFlow, the selected built-in 2d/3d shape indices will not be correct. In other words, if you save your file with version v0.16072, you will experience Shape operator issues if you load it into version v0.16071 or lower. Please keep this in mind if rendering to a farm or cloud computing solution - all machines will need to have version v0.16072 (or newer) installed for full Shape operator compatibility! This warning ONLY applies to Shape operators using built-in 2d or 3d shapes.

* added Property Transfer operator for spreading properties to neighbor particles
* added PhysX Fluid operator for simulating two-way interactions between tyFlow particles and a PhoenixFD liquid sim
* added Vertex Color operator for simple color assignments to particle mapping channels
* added "export particles" checkbox in Export Particles operator...for easily disabling particle export (rather than having to select a non-used sim group as a workaround), for when you only want to export additional geo
* added MXS helper functions for quickly getting an array of all particle values for a particular property (much faster than iterating all particles manually)
* added tyParticleViewer data viewer to tyCache and tyFlow viewport menu, for spreadsheet view of basic particle properties
* added tyProfiler data viewer to editor right-click utilities menu, for visual interface showing speed of various tyFlow processes during simulation
* added ID param to Actor operator, which can be used to specify which actor meshes to export in the Export Particles operator
* added tySpacewarp spacewarp, which can be used to wrap tyFlow forces (tyVortex, tyWind) and make them available to 3rd party plugins (ex: PhoenixFD)
* added simulation group filtering to expansion particles parameter to Grow operator SC algorithm
* Birth Fluid operator can now transfer particle radii from Phoenix to birthed particles
* added "Sphere Cluster" 3D built-in shape to shape operator
* added "Curvature", "Face Angles", "Self-Proximity", "Self-Intersection" and "Coincident Faces" selection methods to tySelect modifier
* tyWind helper now has collisions rollout, for occluding wind forces with collider meshes
* added option in tySelect soft selection rollout to ignore hidden edges when in edge distance mode
* Shape operator can now sync animated shape playback to a custom float value
* added "Simple Reference tyFlow" to preset flow list, for quickly creating a new tyFlow that references the current flow with Birth Flow/Flow Update operators
* added option to mass property in Cloth Bind operator, to keep mass proportional to vertex count of cloth
* added tySlice modifier, an optimized alternative to Max's slice modifier that allows you to reference scene objects as slice planes
* Shape operator will now respect tyProperties modifiers assigned to reference objects and apply those properties to affected particles
* added "pre/post render refresh" option in tyCache for enabling or suppressing render reset notifications (see docs for more info)
* added "load all frames in timeline" button to tyCache, for quickly buffering entire cache sequences into RAM for faster playback
* tySplines now has retime by speed params


* fixed an issue where tyCache objects would fail to load tyCache files that contained more than 2GB of uncompressed data
* fixed an issue where selecting an event could trigger a sim reset notification (when using tiered flows)
* fixed an issue where tyParticleSkin mesh velocities were not being exported corrected
* fixed an issue where adding non-sim operators to a Global Export event would cause the event to revert to a normal event
* fixed an issue where color values return by GetColorVal in the Script operator were clamped to 0-1
* fixed a bug that was preventing tySlicers from working properly on particle binds
* fixed an issue where calling "gc()" in maxscript after accessing a tyFlow's properties could result in a crash
* fixed a bug where the Export Particles operator was animating reference light intensities, even if it was set to 'instance' mode
* fixed an issue where Birth Flow operators were unnecessarily duplicating input shapes in memory
* Particle Force operator no longer requires manual enabling of particle interface on input tyFlows/tyCaches
* improved Export Particles export object performance when working with a lot of particles over a long frame range
* fixed an issue where Export Particles in render auto-export mode would export even if the flow was disabled
* fixed a bug where maxscript-accessible particle interfaces were returning wrong tm/pos values

Can't decide what to try first.
* added "Curvature", "Face Angles", "Self-Proximity", "Self-Intersection" and "Coincident Faces" selection methods to tySelect modifier

OH!!!!MY GOD!!!!!
I love you!!!!!
OMG you added a property transfer operator! Thank you, and so fast!! Big Grin

Time to play! Big Grin

EDIT: Can we get a groups option on the property transfer? I would like to isolate the transfer the properties between groups. Smile

EDIT 2: This has allowed me to completely change how i do color mixing and its so much easier! I'm now using vertex colors and blending the mapping instead of adjusting gradient ramps based on a property test. Much more natural and quicker! I noticed the documentation doesn't have anything for the transfer operator yet. Any eta on that? I would like to get a bit more clarification on exactly what everything is doing so i can get the most out of it.

Thanks again! Big Grin

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