tyFlow v0.16073 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16073 is up!



* added tyPreview, a more powerful replacement for max’s built-in animation preview tool
* PhysX Fluid operator can now save the submersion percent of particles to a custom float channel
* added “reseed all operators” options to event right click menus
* added “transfer on subframes” option in the Property Transfer operator, that can be used to disable subframe evaluation in order to speed up simulations
* Property Transfer can now filter particles by sim groups
* added new PhysX Fluid convex hull interaction points mode, for more accurate fluid interactions
* upgraded PhysX to SDK 4.1.1


* fixed a regression where events with only a Display operator were being considered Global Export events
* fixed a crash that could occur when sampling a texture on an empty map channel
* fixed a bug where the tyParticleController was not respecting retimer settings
* fixed spelling error of “continuous” in timing operator
* fixed an issue where copying a Vertex Color operator would generate an error popup message
* fixed a bug where PRT export was not including the W channel of UVWs
* fixed an issue where splines converted to cloth could have corrupted UVW values
* fixed a crash that could occur while using the Property Transfer operator, in “min” mode when a particle has no neighbors
* fixed a bug that was resulting in inconsistent tyCache instance material ordering
* fixed a bug that was crashing Phoenix operators if “#” symbols were in the Phx cache filenames at a location other than the end
* fixed a bug where tyActor ref frames were not being interpreted properly

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