tyFlow v0.16074 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16074 is out!



* added local/global coordinate switch to tyMesher
* "tyPreviewWindow()" MAXScript function can now take all the same optional arguments as "tyPreview()". The optional arguments can be used to set UI control values when the window first opens.


* fixed a bug where the Material ID operator in cycle mode wouldn't cycle all the way to the end integer
* fixed a bug where tyPreview was marking non-multiples-of-16 resolutions as invalid (ex: it was clamping 1920x1080 to 1920x1088)
* fixed a bug where tyPreviews were not working correctly in max 2020
* fixed a bug that would result in infinite velocity values generated by PhysX when a dynamic particle was bound to a moving collider using the TGS solver
* improved Set Target operator "prevent target loops" behavior
* fixed a bug in tyPreview where "High Quality" and "User Defined" modes were not previewing correctly
* fixed an issue where mp4s generated by tyPreview would not load in a quicktime player
The PRT cache operator now properly saves the W channel in the UVW tex coords.

Thanks for adding this!

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