tyFlow v0.16075 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16075 is up!



* tyPreview paths can now make use of relative path symbols (\..\) for signifying paths that are up level(s) from the current path (ex: "$scenePath\..\previews\preview.mp4"
* added option to save/reset default tyPreview export paths in [...] menus
* added PhysX bind search mode to Property Test bind search
* PhysX Break slicers are now more forgiving (slicing the span between connected particles' mesh centers will register a slice, rather than simply the binding itself, which could potentially have a length of zero, making slicing impossible)
* added AO/shadows toggles to tyPreview
* added Nth frame activation options to operator Timing rollouts (allowing you to do things like have an operator be activate only on every other frame, or every 3rd frame, not activate on subframes, etc)
* added PhysX center of mass controls to Mass operator
* added center of mass display to Display Data operator
* added inertia mult option to tyFlow PhysX settings


* fixed an issue where the Shape operator was not properly interpolating reference shape animation on simulation subframes
* fixed an issue where tyPreview was not properly restoring the visibility state of the viewport viewcube
* fixed a bug where PRT operators were not reading scale values of PRTs exported from PhoenixFD
* fixed a bug where tyPreview wasn't displaying background images when rendering from an object camera
* fixed rendering errors that could occur in VRay NEXT if instance transforms had a scale of 0
* fixed an issue where Render-only meshes would be sent to the GPU immediately after a render finishes
* improved accuracy of tyMesh slice operation, which can improve overall results of various slice operations (tySlice modifier, Voronoi Fracture operator, etc)
* fixed an issue in tyPreview where batch previewing from cameras would not restore the proper camera settings after export and would break tyPreview window modality, among other things
* consolidated the "found" and "missing" depth-first bind search property tests into a single test

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