tyFlow v0.16080 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16080 is out!



* added "Show Axis" option to PhysX Bind operator, so you can visualize twist (red) and swing (green) axis
* added twist axis orientation setting, for controlling the twist (x-axis) vector direction of bind transforms (both swing axes are derived from the twist orientation so there is no specific override setting for them)
* added copy/paste filter options to operator right-click menus, so you don't need to navigate into the filter rollout to quickly transfer filters between operators
* added option to display operator depot to the left of the editor grid in the editor right-click menu


* fixed an issue where filters were not working correctly in the Particle Break operator
* fixed an issue where alembic export wouldn't respect the "export particles" checkbox
* fixed an issue where alembic export wouldn't properly export mesh normals
* added Unreal Engine compatibility setting to alembic export
* NOTE: added important info about importing/exporting alembic data for 3dsmax/maya/unreal to Export Particles docs
* fixed an issue in the PhysX Bind operator where displaying binds was not working properly (bind endpoint local transforms were swapped)

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