tyFlow v0.16083 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16083 is out!



* added Angle Bind operator, which introduces a new particle binding type...which is integrated into the GPU solver, can be changed with the Modify Bindings operator, etc (see docs for explanation of what an angle bind is)
* point/sprite display types in the Display operator now have the option to get their color from particle mapping vertex color data, or a specified texmap sampled using particle mapping channels
* added mapping from velocity option to Mapping operator
* Vertex Color operator can now sample colors from a specified texmap, using mapping channels assigned to particles
* added tyVector texmap, for converting arbitrary vectors assigned to mapping channels into a normalized black/white mask for mixing colors/texmaps elsewhere (example: you've assigned particle velocity to a mapping channel, but want to normalize the value for use in a shader without resimming your particles)
* added distance/falloff settings to Displace operator, for diminishing displace amount near faces not matching specified matIDs
* added world/particle coordinate-space switch to Spread operator
* added "prevent duplicate assignments" option to Set Target operator in proximity/random modes, so that each particle will try to get a unique target
* added "blank" to tyCache out-of-range modes
* added "match blend" param to Actor Animation operator, for smoothly blending to match poses
* if you press/hold CTRL while dragging operators around, tyFlow will enter "no overwrite" mode where operators can be placed between each other, but not on top of each other....to prevent accidentally overwriting one operator with another
* added "bind first and last siblings" options to Particle Bind and PhysX Bind operators, for creating sibling bindings in a loop
* added birth index tracking option to Birth Splines operator
* added "save all test values" to operator Test rollouts, for saving all test values to a custom property channel, regardless of whether or not the test condition is met (this simplifies the workflow of saving test values to a channel)
* added "hide after adding" option to Birth Objects operator
* added "relative to scale" option to Birth Spline distance mode, so that node scale will be taken into account when calculating steps along the spline's length
* Shape operator animation can now be controlled completely with a custom float, or simply by custom float offset
* added "Simple Scatter Flow" to list of preset flows, which sets up a simple static flow designed to scatter/align particles on a surface
* added "seed by time" option to Custom Properties operator
* added "show info" setting to Particle Bind operator so you can see binding stiffness/length info in the view
* Particle Bind Solver stiffness values can now be in the range of 0-2 instead of just 0-1. Values greater than 1 cause successive over-relaxation, which can increase convergence speed (but potentially cause binding instability, so use sparingly).
* added option to disable bind length resampling in Resample operator (disabling bind length resampling makes differential growth effects easier to achieve)
* added color channel (mapping channel 0) PRT export support in Export Particles operator
* added color channel (mapping channel 0) PRT import support in Birth PRT and PRT Update operators
* added relative strength options to Displace operator, for making displace amount relative to scale, surface area, etc.


* fixed a crash caused by the relax setting in the Birth Skeleton operator
* fixed a regression where Display Data operator randomly generated colors were too dark
* greatly improved speed of Point Force operator
* improved performance of Property Transfer operator
* fixed an issue where some group buttons were overlapping in the tyProperties modifier
* fixed an issue where very large positional inputs into noise functions within tyFlow could result in NaN values being returned (would cause tySelect to return improper selections on large pieces of geo, for example)
* fixed a bug where if any rig particle in an actor setup was deleted, any skinned meshes attached to the actor would also be deleted, even if the deleted particle was not influencing the skin
* Birth Spline operator will no longer generate coincident start/end verts on closed splines
* fixed an issue where the Resample operator was not properly retargeting binds in certain circumstances
* shifted "by value" mode in Custom Properties operator closer to top of dropdown, for easier access
* fixed an issue which could cause render initialization to be extremely slow when rendering a tyParticleSkin mesh ("collecting TMs" would run for an unreasonably long time)
* tidied up the Rotation operator so it's not one giant rollout
* skinned actor meshes generated by the Actor operator can now inherit the materials of their source nodes
* removed mass z-bias setting from Particle Physics attraction settings (there was no practical use for it), same for stiffness solver setting of Particle Physics attraction parameters
* tySplineMesher orientation mode "from world" can now set direction of forward axis (x/y/z)
* fixed a bug where instanced force objects in a tyFlow would not work properly in a Force operator (only one of their transforms would be used)
* in rare cases the Subdivide operator can hang on a mesh with a lot of overlapping vertices. Since the subdivide algorithm itself is part of the max API I am unable to directly fix the issue, however the Subdivide operator now attempts to separate overlapping vertices prior to subdivision as a workaround, to avoid this issue. In tests, this seemed to solve the issue.
* fixed an issue where the camera_node argument of the tyPreview/tyPreviewWindow MXS functions was not working properly (settings would be applied to the selected camera but the window would instead toggle the first camera in the list)
* tyPreview/tyPreviewWindow MXS functions can now take "undefined" as the variable for the camera_name and camera_node arguments. Instead of generating an error, it will just revert to default
* fixed some issues resulting in incorrect line numbers printed for errors in the Script operator script window

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