tyFlow v0.16084 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16084 is out!



* by default, CTRL must now be pressed while dragging operators in order to overwrite existing operators. An option to revert to the previous mode is available in the editor right click menu.
* individual operator filters can now be enabled/disabled
* Export Particles operator Alembic point cloud mode can now export particle vertex colors


* quickType should no longer ding (I previously thought I had fixed the dinging...turns out I just didn't realize that system sounds had been muted on my machine, ha!)
* fixed an issue where calling tyPreviewWindow without a proper camera argument would default the camera dropdown to the first camera in the list
* further optimized Delete operator
* fixed a regression where copying an operator was reloading defaults after loading param block settings
* significantly reduced time it takes for Spline Paths operator to clear spline cache data on sim reset
* fixed an issue where the Rotation operator was not retaining the applied forward vector setting after reloading the file

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