tyFlow v0.16085 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16085 is up!



* added various VDB operators
* tySplineMesher now has "extrude" mode
* added tyBend modifier which can add segments along the bend axis, for smooth bending on any mesh
* Added edge distance options to Surface Test
* Surface Test distance mode can now use particle shape radius as base distance value
* The Export Particles operator can now export raw spline data, and the tyCache object can import it (please see the docs for important info about this process)
* added tySplineCache modifier, for extracting spline data from tyCache objects
* adding variation parameter to Mass operator
* Position Transfer operator now has interpolation settings
* Matrix3 values in the Script operator now have index access (ex: tm[i])
* Script operator tfFace values now expose their vertex indices by index (ex: face[0] is equivalent to face.v1)
* added divergence damping option to Speed operator
* added operator category tabs, which allow users to quickly browse color-coded operator categories
* added "End" checkbox to Birth operator...when unchecked, the operator will birth particles from the start frame onward, forever (only possible in "per frame" and "repeater" mode)
* tyCollections have an option to print their node name in the viewport
* added option in tyPreview to maintain/display current object selection during previews
* added edge scattering modes to Birth Surface
* added "nearest edge" setting to Rotation operator when in surface align mode
* added element matching parameter to tyConform, for ensuring all verts of an element will conform to only one particular element of the target mesh list (helps prevents stretching across element boundaries in some cases)
* Position Transfer operator can now optionally save/load full relative surface transforms (allowing you to transfer full pos/rot/scale offset). This allows the operation to function as a lightweight Object Bind replacement, that can retain offset data between events (whereas Object Bind does not have that flexibility)
* added refinement mode to tySlice modifier, with option to do multi-slicing
* added tf.GetThreadedIteration() function for finding out which iteration of a mult-iteration thread loop is being processed (in a Script operator)
* Mass operator "relative to volume" param changed to "relative to property" with the option to choose from a list of properties (including volume) to be the relative threshold
* accuracy of tyParticleSkin improved when considering particle shape meshes. Subdivison parameter no longer necessary


* re-organized the giant rollout of the Shape operator into multiple, smaller sub-rollouts
* fixed a regression which caused the Flow Update operator to incorrectly import rotation values from a tyCache
* fixed a crash that could occur when testing for dynamic collisions in the PhysX Collision operator
* Notes operator moved to debug operator category
* added progress overlay showing progression of spline paths data reset
* mapping values in a retimed sim should now smoothly interpolate during playback
* Surface Test will now save sampled matIDs as 1-based, not 0-based
* fixed a bug where Point Forces weren't working due to corruption of decay values
* refactored all spline-related tyFlow code
* fixed a bug where tySplines set to render-only mode would be visible in the viewport when the render completes
* fixed a bug where cloning an object with a tySpiral modifier on it would crash max
* fixed a regression that was causing PhysX Binds to ignore updates to their particles' scale
* fixed issues with tyCache clamping and frame offset
* fixed an issue where spline paths were not properly generating on negative frames
* fixed an issue where making changes to a Display operator would sometimes not update in the viewport immediately, or particles would disappear until the frame was changed
* tySplineExtrude modifier has been deprecated since tySplineMesher has all of its functionality and more
* fixed a bug in the Spawn operator where parent surface alignments were not working
* fixed a bug where the Shape operator was sometimes not properly loading custom data for animation offsets
* fixed a bug where tyPreview previewing a viewport with background set to "environment map" would restore a grey solid at the end of the preview, rather than the proper background color
* fixed a regression which would cause inconsistencies in point rendering with PhoenixFD
* editor option to display particle counts is now sticky (applies to all flows and is remembered between sessions)
* fixed a bug where internal slice operations were sometimes not setting proper edge visibility when "optimize borders" enabled (affects Voronoi Fracture, Brick Fracture, tySlice, etc)
* fixed an issue where Particle Bind break threshold variation wasn't working as intended
* fixed an issue where massive scene scales would cause certain nearest-point lookups to fail (ex: Rotation Look-at mode)
* fixed an issue where the PhysX Bind operator "relative to property" option was not working properly
Thanks for all your hard work....kilroy from the forum simply CG here if you remember me............just got back into 3d again and this is the most satisfying thing that I have seen in a long time...thanks Tyson...
Hey Kilroy, yep I remember you! Welcome back Smile
Big Grin 
Thank you Tyson for this incredible plugin....and making my night shorter Tongue
I also remember you Kilroy from the Simply CG. Smile
Ahh man... such a nice forum... such a nice tips... too bad it's not online anymore... lot's of tips could be useful today.
(05-18-2020, 08:25 PM)d4rk3lf Wrote: I also remember you Kilroy from the Simply CG. Smile
Ahh man... such a nice forum... such a nice tips... too bad it's not online anymore... lot's of tips could be useful today.

Who were you on the forum? and yes that was the most amazing group of people learning, sharing,...good times... in the early days.

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