tyFlow v0.16090 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16090 is out!



* added CUDA cloth collision solver (see FAQ for more info)
* added relaxation parameters to tyConform modifier
* added Export Particles operator MXS functions for programmatically generating caches (see Export Particles operator docs for syntax info)
* added "GetClosestFaceAccurate" function to Script operator
* added option to make spawn offspring count relative to particle property
* tyConform can now use vertex normals as the conform direction (raycast mode)
* added recursive subdivide mode to tySlice modifier
* added resample options to VDB Copy Out operator
* tyFlow's various element split operators (Birth Objects, Element Fracture, etc) can now work with spline meshes, allowing you to split input splines by element while retaining the spline data required to convert them later to things like cloth
* added "set" operation option to Particles to SDF operator
* added point cloud cluster settings to Voronoi Fracture operator for increasing density of fractures around initial point cloud points
* Voronoi Fracture operator relative-count settings now include various threshold options
* added "treat post-step particles as new" option in Timing rollout (see docs for more info)
* added 1/6, 1/12 and 1/24 time step options


* modified layout of tyPreview window so that it doesn't get cut off on screen resolutions with limited height
* fixed an issue where PRT operators would not work if the input PRTLoader object had a space in its name
* fixed an issue where tyCache-exported splines weren't properly retaining internal mapping/transform data after reconversion to mesh
* fixed an issue where non-VRay renderers were not being sent proper motion blur transforms from tyFlow
* fixed a rare bug where the PhysX convex hull algorithm could crash
* fixed an issue where new particles generated during a cloth tear would not have their event age synchronized properly
* bone display option in tyPreview now applies to biped/CAT bones
* fixed an issue where the VDB Export operator progress bar was not updating during manual export
* made various optimizations to the tySelect modifier relating to the extraction of ngons from an input Poly object
* fixed an issue where "assign randomized multi-material" option in utility menu was not working in Max 2021
* fixed a bug where tyPreview was not properly exporting alpha channels in 3ds Max 2021
* fixed an issue where changing a tyProperties modifier property would not necessarily trigger a simulation reset of dependent flows
* fixed a crash that could occur when a VDB Copy Out operator copies an SDF grid into an event with a different voxel size
* fixed an issue where certain Birth Spline setups could cause the Resample operator to crash
* pushed Spline Paths evaluation after link/physx evaluation in the simulation stack, to prevent de-coupling of spline paths data and PhysX/linked particle data
* fixed an issue where animating a tyBend gizmo over time wouldn't trigger a modifier update over time
* fixed an issue where grouped objects imported into a Shape operator would not export to tyCache properly
* various element extraction functions have now been multithreaded and should perform faster (ex: Birth Objects element separation option)
* fixed an issue that could cause the tySelect modifier to evaluate recursively
* fixed a crash that could occur in the Element Fracture operator, if any element meshes are empty
* Voronoi Fracture operator "particle filter" settings have been removed (these were old settings not related to the common "Filters" rollout of the operator)...please use the common filters of the operator instead
* fixed a divide-by-zero error that could occur if spin values were sufficiently small
* improved performance of tyFaceFracture modifier, when working with editable poly objects
* fixed an issue that could cause the PhysX Fluid operator to crash when calculating particle hulls
* fixed an issue where proximity collisions in the Collision operator were not contributing to resulting particle velocities
* fixed an issue where certain shape-affecting operators (smooth, relax, subdivide, edge fracture, etc) were overriding existing pivot offset values
* fixed an issue where the tySplineMesher would ignore spline-related modifiers between it and any tySplineCache modifiers below it
* fixed an issue where capped faces of splines extruded by the tySplineMesher modifier would not be given relevant matID values
* fixed an issue where corrupted baseObject retrieval could prevent VRay from rendering particles properly
* Modify Bindings inflation logic now works on cloth meshes derived from splines (ie, 2d inflation)

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