tyFlow v0.16091 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16091 is out!



* added ability to set Object ID from custom float data in Export Particles operator (objects export mode)


* fixed a regression causing PhysX instability due to improper inertiaMassScale value being set
* fixed an issue where tyFlow was having troubling finding its CUDA DLLs
* fixed (most) issues related to tyMatrix.cu crashing the CUDA collision solver
* fixed an issue where the tyProperties modifier could cause Max to crash due to improper assignment of used geometry channels
* fixed an issue where actors were not inheriting the instance material of input tyProp objects
* fixed a regression resulting in memory leaks while processing cloth/actor meshes during rendering
* fixed an issue where Export Particles operator MXS functions were not being recognized by max in production builds
* fixed an issue where the tyBend modifier was clearing vertex color data when subdivisions were enabled
* fixed a regression causing flickery playback when time configuration "realtime playback" mode is enabled
* fixed an issue where the CCCS could fail when certain vertices of cloth faces were de-activated with a Particle Switch operator and then moved with an Object Bind operator
* fixed an issue where tyPreviews in max 2020+ had a 4 pixel outline on the right/bottom of the frame

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