tyFlow v0.16092 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16092 is up!



* added ability to select which GPU to use for CUDA calculations on multi-GPU systems (new GPU rollout in tyFlow objects)
* added option for tyWeld modifier to respect vertex selections
* added keyframe rollout to Spread operator
* added "compatibility mode" in GPU rollout of tyFlow, which allows tyFlow to bypass problematic CUDA functions which are crashing on some multi-GPU systems, at the cost of a bit of performance
* Fuse operator can now do convex hull overlap test between particles, for tighter and more accurate fusing proximity


* made various tyProperties modifier properties non-read-only, so that you can set custom properties through MXS
* optimized GPU memory utilization of CCCS impact zone processor by avoiding buffer re-initializations between frames
* fixed tyCache particle interpolation issues causing transform skewing on subframes

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