tyCache and export issue with actor skin
So recently I've been struggling to export my setup. 

The setup is quite huge so I tried a similar scenario in a more simple scene. (I have an idea of what is causing an issue).

[Image: 5Cifdig.gif]

So this is a scene: it is single actor with two skinned objects.

The ball is using Particle Skin Verticles mode;
The plane is using Particles Skin PhysX tearing solver mode;

So same actor having two seperate objects with different particle skin modes.

If I try to export it (tyCache with skinned mesh), after loading tyCache into the scene my max simply freezing, without any error. I must kill it in the task manager and launch it again.

The important thing is that in my original scene max is not freezing, but the exported mesh is no where what it should look like:

[Image: sdsdcccc.png]

My mesh is simply broken. And I do believe that's because there are multiple objects in the same actor and one of it is using PhysX tearing solver.

Maybe there is another possible reason why my mesh is so broken, please help.

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.max   ball and plane.max (Size: 692 KB / Downloads: 116)
Thank you for the file, I've been able to reproduce the issue and I believe it's been tracked down. Should be fixed in the next build, let me know how it goes once it's released.
Thanks! I'll let you know with the update.
Latest release fixed an issue! One question tho, my cache is visible in Vray 5 GPU only when I tick Render option "Meshes" in tyCache. And then my tyCache is not visible in VRayVelocity pass, because there is one object in tyActor that is considered with changing topology - tyParticleSkin with tearing solver. So I must use instances mode...

What is the possible cause that my tyCache is not visible when I select it as "Instances".

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