TD "Black Box" tool
tyF should be able to pipe out chosen values/variables into the tyf Object for direct use.
So TDs can create simplified systems aka "Black Boxes" with few knobs and settings for artists to use.
This of cause implies a system for assigning modifier settings to outputs combined with simple expressions for value conversions.
For instance an single user setting "Rain Amount" would internally translate to multiple values like: 2x the number of particles/frame AND 1.2x size of the drips
good idea +1
Really like this idea. Have you ever used Railclone? Completely different plugin but the way you can expose parameters for iterating quickly would work really well here
Bumping this a few years later, I have been dying for this capability. +1
I don't disagree with this's just something that's very (very) low priority at the moment, given other things I'd like to implement first.

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