tyFlow v0.16093 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16093 is up!



* added tyLooper modifier for seamlessly looping the animation of underlying geometry
* added "don't GET if value is 0.0" option in Custom Properties operator (see docs for more info)
* added local object coordinates mode option to tyMesher
* tySwitcher switch index is now an animatable property
* added multithreaded self-union mode to tyBoolean modifier, which attempts to union all elements of the input mesh together
* added object to split input object elements in tyBoolean modifier
* Display operator in 3ds Max 2020+ now has ability to display particles with mapping overrides in a particular channel as instances in the viewport (previously adding mapping overrides to particles would disable instancing for those particles)
* added new radius type options to Fuse operator
* added octahedron default 3D shape
* added extra scaling option to convex hull mode of Fuse operator
* added use raw tySplineCaches option to tySplineMesher (see docs for more info)
* added 'limit repulsion VRAM' option to CCCS settings (see docs for more info)
* added GetSimIndexFromID function to Script operator, for converting target ID values into simulation indices
* you can now change operator timing from the operator right-click menu
* added sibling type test to Property Test
* added "select dependent nodes" option to editor right-click utilities menu
* added particle axis options to Surface Test "normal" mode, for measuring angle between a particle and the nearest surface normal
* tySmooth modifier now has option to prevent smoothing across material ID boundaries
* added soft selection weld threshold in tyWeld modifier, and element weld settings
* Time Test operator now takes float values so you can test subframe particle ages


* fixed an issue where the Particle to SDF operator was adding deleted particles to the VDB
* fixed an issue where clicking the velocity Z checkbox of a Stop operator would display a dropdown menu
* fixed an issue where tyActor meshes would sometimes not export to tyCache properly, resulting in corrupted caches
* set various Shape operator array parameters to writable in MXS
* fixed a bug where the Object Bind proximity influence setting was not working properly
* fixed an issue where the PhysX bind count test of the Property Test operator was not working properly
* fixed an issue where holding ESC during tyParticleSkin evaulation could prevent the status bar progress prompt from being cleaned up properly
* fixed a bug where assigning descending values to cycle mode of Material ID operator would crash max
* fixed a bug where deleting particles in a flow could cause tyParticleSkin meshes in a tyActor setup to generate incorrectly on cached frames

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