Adding tyFlow into plugins folder causes instant crash when creating object

I'm having a weird instant crash problem.

After adding the tyFlow.dlo into the 3DS max folder plugins folder.... and then trying to make a basic object 3DS instantly terminates. 

Removing the tyFlow.dlo fixes the problem. 

No error report is generated.

This happens in both 2019 and 2021 versions. 
I can confirm a fresh install of 2020 with no extra scripts/ plugins works fine. 
I read elsewhere on the forums that a particular script in startup causes a clash like this.
I don't have that particular script installed, but do have quite a few other ones and plugins ..... It's daunting to go and test which one is the problem!

So this must be caused by a clash with something. Q_Q. I can use the barebones 3DS for basic tyFlow stuff but obviously this a bit of a workflow blocker!

Is there a known cause of this? Or some things I can look at to fix this?

Please see the sticky about bug reporting and logging.

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