Particle Spinning
Hey Tyson!
Why are Particles are spinning when applied cloth bind cuda or no cuda with modify binding inflation.
It happen more when 2D Solver is used in cuda...

Thank you
Can you provide an example file?
(10-30-2020, 09:13 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Can you provide an example file?

Here's the video and max file 
I use RTX 2070 super (just in case if you want to know what graphic card I have)

you can even check your petridish example, they spin in that file also.....

Thank you
Nayan Bodawala

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Ok I've had a chance to look at the file.

The minor spinning motion in the 3D case cannot be eliminated due to numerical precision issues, but the extreme spinning in the 2D case should be fixed in the next build.

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