tyFlow v0.16096 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16096 is up!



* added setting in editor right-click menu to enable MANUAL simulation reset mode - see "Simulation: Reset" section of docs FAQ for more info
* added Position Displace operator, for moving particles along nearest surface normals relative to the values of a texmap
* tyParticleController will now work with any object that exposes the IParticleObjectExt interface (ie, non-tyFlow particle systems, tyCaches, etc)
* added "index is ID" option to tyParticleController (see docs for more info)
* added cull-by-ID functionality to tyCache objects, as well as an option to toggle viewport display of IDs
* tyPreview now has layer filtering, so you can define which scene object layers will be visible/hidden in a preview
* Particles Physics collision radius parameters now has more radius-type options


* fixed an issue where the Particles to SDF operator was not respecting Camera Cull operators when including particles of the same flow
* fixed a bug that would cause Max to crash when opening the Graph Editor to an Export Particles operator. The same bug was also causing instability in some other 3rd party plugins as well (Sini Software's plugins, for example)
* fixed a bug that could cause tySelect to crash when it's placed on editable poly objects when additive selections is enabled
* fixed an issue where the Tet operator would not generate proper mesh UVWs when 'particle per tet' was enabled

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