tyFlow v0.16098 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16098 is up!



* added "Add" operation to Modify Bindings operator
* added mesh inflation setting to Birth Voxels operator
* added Property Collect operator, for collecting particles with a matching custom float value from the rest of a flow into a particular event
* tyConform modifier now has option to only conform vertices inside or outside the target mesh
* added variation parameters to operator Timing nth frame controls
* Temporal Smooth operator will consume considerably less memory when only smoothing position data
* Convex Fracture operator renamed Convex Hull operator, now also includes ability to simply convert entire particle into its hull, rather than doing a slower convex hull decomposition
* tyCache UI now shows parent folder name preview
* Export Particles now has option to set name of auto-created tyCache object
* improved functionality of "occluded faces" mode of tySelect modifier. Now it will do a straight-forward inside/outside test rather than the more confusing ambient-occlusion-esque test it was doing before
* Particle binds can now be processed by the CCCS (colliding as 3D lines with an assignable thickness radius)...new option to enable particle bind CCCS is in Particle Bind operator
* added 'invert' option to Scale by texture functionality
* tyPreview now has nth frame option for skipping frames when previewing
* Birth Intersections operator now has relative velocity setting, for only generating particles between intersecting faces whose relative velocity is greater than some threshold
* added "bakeAdditiveSelections()" function to tySelect MXS API
* tyCache format now supports custom property (float/vector/tm) importing/exporting
* Birth Flow/Flow Update operators can now import custom property data from tyCaches
* Alembic point cloud export can now include custom float data
* upgraded OpenVDB library to version 7.2.0
* added new algorithm to improve tyWeld 'cull overlapping faces' mode
* added new particle bind break mode to Particle Bind operator (see docs for more details)
* added "binding count" operator filter
* adding new variation parameters to Resample operator


* fixed a bug where the children of cloth particles couldn't be converted to cloth
* fixed an issue where calling SetBinds in a Script operator could sometimes result in binds not being properly updated inside the GPU solver
* fixed a critical bug where the threadInx argument of the threaded Script operator function was not always returning a correct value, thereby causing any scripts dependent on it to function incorrectly
* fixed a bug where auto-created tyCaches after export would sometimes not work correctly
* controller particles from the same cloth will now be considered siblings
* fixed a race condition that could cause instability in the results of the tySelect modifier in certain selection modes
* increased speed of Spline Paths operator when in particle bindings mode
* if your flow has accidentally begun to generate a gigantic mesh in the viewport (ex: you've assigned a mapping override to a million hi-poly particles without toggling their display mode or disabling mapping override display), you can now interrupt/cancel the mesh generation by holding ESC, whereas previously the viewport would have just eventually crashed
* Property Test custom value dropdown now shows existing vector channel names (relevant for vector value tests)
* fixed an issue where tyFlow could hang if a VPN interfered with the update checker during startup
* offloaded spline-particle-data-clearing functions to separate threads. A wait time and progress bar are no longer necessary
* (hopefully) fixed rare crashing issue caused by buggy threadpool implementation for pointer deleter

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