tyFlow v0.16099 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16099 is up!



* tyParticleSkin modifier can now use any particle object as its input (ex: tyCache) ...(note...the physx tearing mode is only supported by tyFlow input objects)
* tyParticleSkin modifier can now also take any mesh as input (treating vertices as particles), allowing it to act as an alternative to 3ds Max's Skin Wrap modifier
* added mode to taper by specific length in the tySplineMesher modifier
* added particle bind count display to Display Data operator
* Export Particles operator can now take generic path symbols in export filename (press [?] button next to path textbox for more info)
* added MAXScript access to add/remove/enable/disable selector commands in tySelect modifier
* added textbox in Script operator that can be used to auto-load in custom C# assemblies
* added slice optimization checkbox to tyBend
* typing keyboard characters into the operator listboxes now supports multi-character search (for example, previously typing "F" then "L" would select the first operator starting with "F" then the first operator starting with "L", whereas now it will select the first operator starting with "FL...")
* added option to toggle tearing of de-activated cloth particles in Cloth operator
* Property Transfer operator can now transfer mass values
* added "per step" option to Spawn operator
* added "reset age" checkbox to Grow operator. When disabled, makes it easier to terminate global growth by age/eventAge
* added "flatten axis" option to Property Test neighbor test (see docs for more info)
* added filters rollout to Fuse operator
* tyCollections will now send change notifications to dependent objects when any object in its import layers are changed


* fixed a bug that could cause a crash when breaking splittable bindings using the Particle Break operator
* fixed a regression causing vertex normals on input meshes to be calculated in an un-weighted manner
* Scale operator UI will display if Texmap/Proximity mode is enabled
* fixed an issue where reseeding operators could enable "seed by time" settings
* fixed an issue preventing the Export VDB operator from exporting data correctly
* fixed an issue where certain Script operator errors were displaying as chinese characters in the message log
* fixed an issue which could cause a Script operator (with a working script) to generate an error if ESC was held during execution
* fixed an issue preventing particle mapping/matID properties from transferring to cloth meshes
We have started to get windows defender Threat alerts:
[Image: T3fUAvA.png]
It's a false positive. You can use virustotal.com to check against dozens of virus scanners to see that the files are clean.

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