tyFlow v0.16102 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16102 is up!



* Spawn operator can now mark spawned particles with a custom float value
* added forward axis settings to tySplineMesher (knots or world orientation mode)
* simulation time scale parameter is now animatable
* added Element Centers mode to Birth Surface operator
* added "include dependent tyMesher geo" option to Export Particles operator (see docs for more info)
* added point size options to VDB Display operator


* fixed an issue where the axis buttons had no effect on spline orientation in world orientation mode
* fixed a crash that could occur in the PhysX Modify operator due to improper joint-type pointer casting
* fixed an issue where tyCache "blank" out-of-range type could cause issues when scrubbing the timeline
* fixed an issue where the Subdivide operator was no longer working in Max 2021.3
* fixed an issue where interpolated splines were not getting proper scale/tm/mapping/etc data from underlying tySplines, resulting in improper tySplineMesher results
* fixed an issue where the Fuse operator would return incorrect results for small convex hulls (tolerance should now be accurate down to scales of 0.005 world units)
* fixed an issue where tyMeshers were sometimes generating and filling a lot of unnecessary mapping channels
* fixed a regression that could lead to a crash when tearing cloth (specifically when using tySlicers)

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