tyFlow v0.16103 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16103 is up!



* tyActors can now take raw tyFlow/tyCache particles as input, allowing you to input one particle system as an actor into another
* PhysX binds setup in the flow referenced by a tyActor helper, can now be auto-imported into the flow containing the resulting actors (using the tyActor mode of the PhysX Bind operator...similar to how tyBind importing works)...in other words, you can import entire PhysX setups into other flows.
* PhysX Bind tyActor mode now can filter imported binds by ID
* added clustering options to Property Test operator neighbors test - now you can test only neighbors from/excluding certain particle clusters
* added "first sibling" option to siblings mode of Set Target operator
* added checkbox in Cloth Bind operator so you can disable particle mass override
* Property Transfer operator now has "cluster transfer" option, for transferring properties to members of a particle's cluster, rather than its neighbors
* Property Transfer operator now has "absolute" value transfer mode
* added spline relax settings to tySplineCache modifier
* option added to tyParticleSkin modifier to respect vertex selections
* added "Delete" option to operator test actions (allows you to "send" particles to deletion event without requiring an actual event in the flow containing a Delete operator, which can help keep flows tidier)
* added ability to set operator "test TRUE action" from operator right-click menu
* Script operator has tfBind functions to control bind breaking
* tyFaceExtrude operator now has segmentation options
* added enable/disable filters option to operator right-click menus
* tyProperties modifier has setting to assign particle mass
* added GetParticleMassByIndex to tyParticleObjectExt interface, as well as tyFlow MXS interface


* copy+pasted events will now retain their connections and relative positioning
* fixed an issue where the CCCS repulsion multiplier value had no effect
* improved performance of tyConform modifier on input splines with huge numbers of points
* fixed the way inflation normalization works in the Modify Bindings operator (previously it would lead to strange results and almost always needed to be disabled)
* fixed an issue where filters weren't working correctly when one or more were disabled and then re-enabled
* improved simulation reset time for internal PhysX system when many collision contact points are stored
* fixed an issue where meshes derived from splines with only 2 knots could crash max when calculating their bounding box
* fixed a bug where putting a Smooth operator before a Cloth Bind operator could cause a crash

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