tyFlow v0.16106 (BETA)
yFlow v0.16106 is up!



* added "View last tyPreview..." item to tyPreview File menu (and relevant "grab viewport" max menus), allowing you to open the last tyPreview file that was exported


* improved performance of tyParticleSkin modifier on meshes with underlying deformations
* fixed an issue where tySplineMesher in extrude mode could crash if the input spline has many coincident knots
* improved performance of tySplineMesh "smooth" option in extrude mode
* fixed an issue where tyFlow modifier initialization was contributing to significant lag when first opening the 3ds Max modifier panel dropdown list
* fixed unnecessary ffmpeg errors printed to MAXScript listener when no audio tracks active in scene
* fixed some issues relating to flipped surface normals created by tySplineMesher in extrude mode

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