tyFlow v0.16109 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16109 is up!



* added "sharp mitering" option to tySplineMesher spline orientation mode
* added "multiply by density/age" options to tySelect particle selection mode, for softening selections based on various particle properties
* added phase parameter to Script operator API noise functions
* added curl noise function to Script operator API
* tyCache can now export particle age data
* added option for tySelect soft selections to respect starting soft selection intensity
* PhysX Modify operator can now change PhysX Shape friction/restitution properties
* added friction/restitution mode settings to general PhysX settings rollout
* Particle Break operator is now considerably faster in per-particle break mode
* added friction/restitution combine mode options to general PhysX rollout
* added ability to access custom floats from maxscript during Export Particles object export (so you can assign floats as object properties) (click [?] box in Export Particles object export MAXScript rollout for more info)


* fixed a regression where cloth inflation was not working properly when cloth tearing was enabled
* improved tySplineMesher default mitering
* fixed issue where tySlice random flip options weren't working correctly
* fixed some tyCache subframe interpolation issues (forward-integration of cloth/actor/etc velocities was causing jittering in moblur and slowdown retimings....which is now fixed by using more accurate backwards-integration)
* fixed an issue where listbox "Add..." menus could allow circular references to be created
* fixed an issue where the Force operator's custom vector channel dropdowns were showing custom float channel names instead

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