tyFlow v0.16110 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16110 is up!



* tyFlow CUDA version requirements raised to CUDA 11.2. Please ensure your GPU driver version is at least 461.09 and that you download and install the updated tyFlow CUDA DLL pack.
* added "de-activate smoothed particles" option to Temporal Smooth operator, so that it can work directly on Cloth/PhysX setups rather than needing to work in a reference flow. Additionally, the Temporal Smooth operator now evaluates at the end of the timestep for the same reason
* added object index tracking to Position Object operator


* fixed an issue where a crash could occur when duplicating an object in a layer referenced by a tyCollection
* fixed an issue where the tySpline retimer settings were remaining greyed out despite the checkbox being enabled
* (hopefully) fixed the issue where click the "Create New" button in the Spline Paths rollout could sometimes crash max
* fixed an issue where an operator's settings would not appear in the rollup panel when it's first dragged into a flow, even if it's selected
* fixed an issue where quaternion values saved to exported Alembic point cloud files were not correct
* fixed a rare issue where convex hull generation could hang during PhysX calculations, causing max to freeze
* fixed an issue that could result in freezing/crashes when more than one PhysX sim is present in the same scene
* improved performance of PhysX Convex/Mesh hull cooking

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