Mud splats (on a car)
After being very happy with my snow results, I thought I can maybe make mud splats on a car, behind the front wheel.

Anyone done something like this before? I was thinking about a tyIcon under the wheel, facing 45% backwards and some kind of bind on impact? And maybe some birth on impact with smaller scaling particles in the opposite travel direction to a zero? Not sure where to start, but I will try.

I mean something like this.

[Image: 26_0x20_2000x1050_1200x630_car-stuck-in-...e-full.jpg] - Twitter and Behance for the latest renders!
It seems to be a lot more complicated because the direction of a single "splat" starts with the degrees of the angle of the wheel (not sure if this is proper english) and during it's travel it slowly gains more and more momentum towards the direction of the gravity (down).

[Image: dirty-mud-stains-on-the-fender-and-the-d...RDP3C7.jpg] - Twitter and Behance for the latest renders!

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