tyFlow v0.16114 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16114 is up!



* 3ds Max 2022 now supported
* added new tyRelax vertex filtering modes
* added "multiply original" mode to PhysX Modifiy operator
* added tyPush modifier for pushing vertices along normals, or local/world directions
* added fps multiplier to tyPreview, for implicit fps increases without needing to change scene time settings (example usage: export a slow motion image sequence without needing to change any scene frame range or timing settings)
* added "short circuit" option to binding search mode of Property Test operator
* added ability in tyProperties modifier to save scene node handle to custom float channel
* added stuck IZ jitter option to CCCS settings (see docs for more info)
* added impulse multiplier option to CCCS settings
* added new VRAM usage modes to CCCS settings
* added implicit parent option to tyProperties helper (see docs for more info)
* added timing/filter rollouts to PhysX Shape operator


* fixed a major issue causing CUDA to hang in many setups (on 2080ti GPUs and newer)
* improved CCCS memory usage
* fixed an issue where tri/quad layouts were skewing tyRelax results...also added setting to enable/disable invisible edge processing
* fixed an integer precision error that could cause operator filters to work incorrectly when input values were very large
* improved Modify Bindings operator performance when inflating many small, individual cloths
* fixed an issue where the Export Particles tySwitcher override was not working
* fixed an issue where tyCaches would not properly apply mapping overrides to cloth meshes in certain circumstances
* fixed a divide by zero issue when particles have a mass of 0
* (hopefully) fixed an issue where tyPreview progressive rendering would de-activate randomly, causing flickering
* fixed an issue where tySelect was not adjusting soft selection correctly, in certain selection modes, when grow/shrink was not 0
Hi, I imagine somebody already see it, but all Ty modifiers are named "object" in max 2022.
Yep, that'll be fixed in the next build Smile

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