Floating Textures

I'm not sure exactly where I'm going wrong with the textures on this flow, when I render it out the noise texture on the particles seems to be locked to world space. This means that the noise texture appears to float on the tyflow particles as they move through world space.
If anyone is able to have a look at the tyflow provided and tell me where I'm going wrong it would be hugely appreciated. I have attached 2 files, the source tyflow file, and a file where I've imported the tycache. I need to get the textures working on the tycache file as we need to render it on the farm.


3DS Max 2019.3 (
Tyflow version 0.16107
Vray next 2.1 (
You need to make sure your Noise texmap coords are set to explicit map channel.
Thanks for the reply!
Unfortunately when I do that the noise seems to disappear altogether
That's because the coordinate scale is completely different. You'll need to adjust the noise scale parameter to match your desired look, after switching between coordinate modes. Might need to make it really small.
Excellent, thanks for the help with that!

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