Particles popping and jittering
I´m having a bit of hard time figuring out what is wrong with this scene. I have a text filled with sphere particles, they are affected by curl noise and have particle physics to collide each other. They are also binded to the text object to keep the general shape but still they are able to move a bit out of it. I have a scale operator to control the sphere scales by velocities to make some variations to the size as they move along. I get a lot of jittering and weird popping issues all around, must be something about the scale since without it I don´t get as much as popping and jittering. I have already tested with more samples etc, but issue still stays there. 

any help is appreciated  Smile


Scene file:

.max   particles_popping_v01.max (Size: 5.79 MB / Downloads: 5)

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