birth position animation
Hello, How to make particles birth from human's foot at first, then slowly go to the head ? Thanks.
Several ways.
Most of the time, I just birth bunch of particles at zero frame, and then I use surface test op (either by geometry, or by procedural map), and from there I just add spawn operator.
If your character is animated, make sure to use object bind op, in both events.
Hi, d4rk3lf, thank you.
But Surface test seems no way to spawn particles from foot to head. At first I set birth 5 particles in frame 0,  position object set to the character, object bind to him, Surface test set to distance (I think no other best selection option), after 1M will spawn tha paticles. The particles will birth same time on the full body per second.

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Use texture in Surface Test instead of distance, and just animate some gradent ramp (with maybe some noise to make it more organic)
That's how I do it.
Afterwards you can even use the same gradient ramp map, to drive disappearance for "real" character, if you copy it into opacity slot.

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