TySplineMesher: Replicate along spline
I'm looking for a way to create a DNA/RNA chain along a TySpline.
A few ideas and challenges.

1. Repeat Mesh Along Spline:
In TySpline I can use Geo Mode Mesh to stretch an object, even a TyCache object, along the path with 'mesh bounds' and that works. There I need to make a DNA chain that is all there in it's entity. If I had an option to Repeat Mesh along the path until the end is reached then I would not need to create the entire DNA strand, I could just make a small segment and repeat it.

2. Mesh Copy Per Segment
I'm doing a scene where a ribosome is copying an RNA sequence and the length of the spline is ever growing. In this situation I would need to have a new copy of mesh appear deformed along each new segment

Thanks for the suggestions Andy, I like them both. The first one would probably be the easiest to implement. The second one is a bit trickier.

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