tyFlow v0.16118 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16118 is up!



* added max breaks per frame option to PhysX Bind operator (see docs for more info)
* added "first child only" option to Particle Bind operator family bind settings
* added size multiplier to Display operator, and ability to set specified value as default
* added position offset controls to Brick Fracture operator
* added slice plane separation option to Voronoi Fracture operator, for creating gaps between fractures without having to scale particles down
* particle bind solver steps is now an animatable property


* fixed an issue where the Set Target operator's "random" mode was not nearly random enough in certain situations
* fixed an issue where Export VDB operator was not properly exporting velocity data
* fixed an issue where deleted operators could still cause circular dependency errors
* fixed an issue that could cause a crash when using Physical cameras in a Camera Cull operator
* fixed an issue where Alembic point cloud orientation values were not obeying the Export Particles up-axis setting
* fixed a crash that could occur during element mesh extraction
* removed a 150/kdop hit limit in the CCCS which could cause collision failure when hires cloth hits a lowres collider
* fixed an issue in the Modify Bindings and PhysX Modify operators where the min/max operations were not working correctly

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