Vertex color is removed on the tycache
Hey, If we make a tycache and turn on the retime option in it, then after turning on meshsmooth, turbosmooth etc. vertex color that is above them is reset to zero. Without retime enabled, everything is fine.

Thanks !
Great soft!
Can you post an example of what you mean? I don't really know what you mean by "vertex color that is above them".
I made a sloping piece of cloth that I saved in the tycache. After loading the tycache and using the retimer, I applied the meshsmooth mod and vertex color over it. I painted something on channel 10, for example, and everything works. When the scene is reopened, vertex color is all white or all black.

IMPORTANT: I tried to prepare the scene for sending and after reading everything from zero to "clean" tycache it all works. Apparently I have something wrong / broken in the tycache in the main scene. If I find out what it is, I will let you know.

Sorry I'm bothering you
I'm guessing the Vertex Color modifier clears data if topology changes, similar to the UVW Unwrap modifier. Perhaps it evaluated on a frame where the tyCache data was empty, causing the reset. Assuming that's the case, I'd suggest doing the Vertex Color modifications on the input geometry of the original tyFlow, rather than after the fact on the tyCache. Either way, this isn't a tyFlow bug Smile

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