Very high resolution viewport screenshot
First, English is not my main language, so sorry in advance if my post sounds confusing.

Is it possible to implement a very high resolution viewport screenshot? prefer about 10000x10000 pixel
Images below shot by 2 different plugins at 5000x5000 pixel

[Image: alOukSZ.png]

Grabviewport script
[Image: W6ElA0S.png]

Grabviewport has resolution limits of 6500. Would be VERY nice if tyFlow can go beyond that.

Thanks in advance
tyFlow's resolution is limited by Max SDK's viewport DIB functions....the exposed API doesn't seem to allow resizing larger than a maximized viewport size, which is why I rely on bilinear upscaling for anything larger than that, hence the blurriness.

I tried the Grabviewport just returns a 100% black image for me when I choose a large resolution. Looking at its code it's using the maxscript viewport DIB function, which I believe is equivalent to the SDK function I'm it's strange that you're getting sharp results with very large resolutions. Either way, have you tried modifying the script to simply bypass the resolution restriction? It seems like an arbitrary restriction that you could easily modify.
Oh I didn't make it clear in my first post.
The 2 comparison images from the first post are a 100% zoom of image (5000x5000) below.
[Image: bhDGHMy.png]
Idk why you got a black image.
Just to be sure, I downloaded the script from here.

And yes editing script works, although shoting a high resolution image beyond the hard cap make my laptop stuttered like crazy. Still thanks for mentioning. I've never done 3ds max script before so editing it never come to my mind.

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