Encountered a bug in an Actor

There were problems with the two characters imported with Actor today, and there was unexpected confusion, see the scene file.

It seems that the probability of a problem is very high. In the future, we will often use character materials to create. How can this problem be solved from the root cause?
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Looks like you forgot the attachment (don't forget to press the 'add attachment' button after browsing to the file).

Also, this is an English language forum Smile If you can use google translate to convert to english before posting, that would be ideal.
I found that this type of error only occurs when the length units of the scene and the character are different.
What do experts think about this?
(06-02-2021, 01:52 PM)轮胎流 Wrote: 看起来您忘记了附件(不要忘记在浏览到文件后按下“添加附件”按钮)。


 The internal data of CS and skinning is too complicated. I have studied for three days with no results. I can only wait for your good news.
I haven't had time to dive in and figure out why this is happening, but the easiest fix is to do this:

1) Enable biped figure mode (t-pose)
2) Select your skinned mesh
3) Under "advanced" uncheck "always deform"
4) Align your skin mesh to the biped if it is not already aligned
5) Under "advanced" re-enabled "always deform"
6) Leave biped figure mode

This will fix the mesh scaling issue, but may not properly retain all mesh vertex skin weights...so some adjustment may be necessary. Hopefully I can just fix this in the future so the workaround is not necessary.
Based on my testing, this issue should be fixed in the next build (v0.16121).
(06-06-2021, 09:40 PM)tyFlow Wrote: Based on my testing, this issue should be fixed in the next build (v0.16121).

Just know that tyflow will live up to expectations

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