tyFlow v0.16123 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16123 is up!



* tidied Actor Animation operator and also added specific pos/rot/scale exclusion settings
* dragging the output node of an operator to an empty space on the grid will now give you a popup option to create and auto-connect to a new event
* ALT + middle mouse drag can now be used to zoom the editor (as opposed to using the middle mouse wheel)
* added "friction every substep" option to PhysX solver global settings
* added custom float radius option to Particle Physics operator
* added seed by time option to the Set Target operator
* added absolute value mapping mode to Mapping operator
* added symmetrical mode to tyWind helper
* added axial proximity modes to Scale operator
* added "align to binding neighbors" mode to Rotation operator (see docs for more info)
* added seed by time option to Split operator
* added individual axis constraints to tyRelax modifier


* fixed some particle groups MXS name collision issues within various operators
* fixed an issue in the Mapping operator where target channel was not selectable in both "mapping from target" modes
* fixed an issue that could cause tyPreview to crash (in img sequence mode) once its internal buffers started to reach around 4gigs of RAM usage
* fixed an issue where subframe interpolation of particles with modified pivot orientation would result in flipping
* tidied ordering of tySelect modifier rollups
* fixed an issue where multiple instanced Export Particles operators would still all export together even if some of them were disabled
* fixed an issue where Mapping operator overrides assigned to disabled particle map channels were not working
* fixed an issue where instancing multiple Script operators could cause one or more to fail, on file reload, with an "object not set to an instance of an object" error
* distance/percent spinners in Birth Spline operator are now animatable
* fixed an issue where merging tySpline objects between files could cause max to crash

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