tyFlow v0.16124 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16124 is out!



* added tyMeshToSpline modifier, for converting the edges of a mesh into splines
* tySelect now has an edge selection mode


* fixed an issue where validity interval of tySlice modifier was affected by base node transform even when not in object slice mode
* tyPreview now works with imported XRef Scene cameras
* vastly improved speed of internal function from Max SDK used to collate spline data. Some scenes relying on heavy tySpline data (ex: hundreds of thousands of splines generated in a tySplineCache modifier) that previously took 15-20 seconds to compute now only take a couple of milliseconds
* fixed an issue where the Edge Fracture operator would send particles to its output event even when the output event is disabled
* fixed an issue where max could crash if the new "New Event" menu (from dragging the output of an operator to an empty place in the grid) operation was cancelled without clicking the menu item
* fixed a bug in the tySelect modifier caused by improper dependent notifications being sent when a Texmap selector updates its texmap while evaluating
* fixed an issue where .vrmesh files were not being properly loaded by tyFlow in Max 2022
* fixed an issue where adding thousands of objects to a tyCollection could cause Max to freeze

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