Static operator
In a large scene, it takes a lot of time to modify a parameter until the whole tyflow is recalculated.

For example, a very large volume is broken, and the number of "Voronoi fracture" cuts is 10000, which takes a long time. When I modify the parameters of other operators, can I force the definition of Voronoi fracture to be static (the "Voronoi fracture" operator goes to sleep, even if other operators modify the parameters, it will not be updated). This function is a bit like "auto [one time change]. I don't just refer to the" Voronoi fracture "operator here, but also other operators. thank you
Just do your fracture in another flow and import it with a Birth Flow operator.
Well, OK, this method is really good. thank you

If you have the opportunity, I still hope you can consider "static operators".

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