How to prevent initial Inertia motion?
I've just jumped off the deep end into TyFlow so I'm pretty ignorant. I've created something based on the 'Tyflow Physx Tendrils Tutorial.'My file is a series of rubber cylinders that get moved past a bar. The bar bends them over. 

Everything is working and looking perfect except for the bending motion from Inertia when the whole thing starts to move. I want the cylinders that have not been contacted by the bar to remain vertical until the bar bends them over. 

You can see in the attachment that the cylinders under the bar are bent, but the other are flowing left from the inertia of the whole mesh moving to the right (circled in yellow).

How can I stop that initial Inertia? I have a 'Slow' on them already to make them behave nicely once they flip past the bar as I want them to stop quickly and not keep swaying. But I don't know how to eliminate the initial sway upon the whole thing moving.  

Max 2021 and 2022 with V-Ray 5/3.1
The stiffness/damping settings of the PhysX Bind operator are probably what you want to be tweaking. However, without a video clip of the issues it's difficult to know exactly what you're trying to fix.

.zip (Size: 2.65 MB / Downloads: 44)

Thanks for the fast response. Here's a quick clip. Like I mentioned, there are a number of cylinders (bristles). They pass under a bar that hits them and it deflects them. I don't want the ones that have not hit the bar yet to "wave' over due to inertia when they start moving. I need for them to stand up straight until the bar pushes them over.
Max 2021 and 2022 with V-Ray 5/3.1

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