tyFlow v0.16129 (BETA)
tyFlow v0.16129 is up!



* added speed option to tyWind turbulence settings
* tyPreview $frame symbol can receive numerical suffix to define digit count in filename (see [?] menu in tyPreview for info)
* added Property Transfer setting to exclude current event's particles
* added option to resample target hierarchies in Resample operator (see docs for more info)
* added particle include/exclude options to Rotation operator neighbor align mode
* added proper distance weighting to Rotation operator neighbor align algorithm


* fixed an issue where playback of lowres cloth could trigger unnecessary 100% CPU utilization
* fixed an issue where children of a wobble particle would inherit the same wobble settings (which doesn't make sense)
* fixed an issue where wobble particles wouldn't store the index of their parent particle
* fixed an issue where enabling symmetrical mode on a tyWind helper wouldn't affect its bounding box
* fixed tyFaceExtrude scale/extrude variation (visible patterning was occurring despite expectations of randomness)
* fixed issues where Resample operator child ordering could prevent proper Resample optimizations later on
* fixed an issue where open edges mode of tySelect modifier was not working properly for edge sub-object mode
* fixed an issue where the Limiter operator's spin variation spinner wasn't enabling/disabling properly
* fixed an issue in tyPreview where the recursive path creation algorithm would sometimes fail when creating output files
* fixed an issue where the frame deactivation mode of operator timing rollouts was not working properly
* fixed race conditions that could occur in Script operator when setting/getting custom properties in a threaded loop

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