Teapot reconstruction test
Already posted in facebook tyFlow group.

Tried to create some advanced object reconstruction.

Nice one!
omg please share it with me ? file scene ? Smile

I personally think that for that particular effect, everyone insist (too much) on physics (or simulation of any type), and I don't think it's really necessary for  majority of "reconstruction" effects (unless, it's really obvious intersection between objects).
Or simply said: I'd rather pick smooth animation, then jiggling pieces, dancing nervously, until they find a spot to settle. Smile  

Care to explain how you achieved this in Tyflow?
I did similar test few weeks a go with Pflow and data op (but disabled collisions, for the above reason (actually, I haven't even tried with collisions Smile ).
Data op works like this: reading the particle one (teapot), position and rotation, and forcing particle 2 (fractured teapot) to go there, and in between a little bit vortex.

I definitely want to try this in Tyflow.
My question is, how you made particles read the rotation of the target pieces?

For rotation and position I've used custom properties operator (matrix and vector). Using script operator I've activated particles to go into their final position by how deeply their position in comparison of the original object pivot point was. I've used multiple events with various interpolation settings in custom parameters operator to get some rotation before final particle placement.

Attaching scene project file. Take a look  Wink

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.max   reconstruction of teapot2.max (Size: 924 KB / Downloads: 364)
Very cool effect Smile nice one
Awesome. Now to shatter them again, rebuild the secondaries then rebuild the primaries.. ;p
I want to make absolutely same BUT - in the end another object. How can i do that?

I was tried find target another object - but its show just a silhouette of another object.
I was tried to make it with Custom Properties - but another objetc it wasnt work at all.
This is my goal to make for example morphing from sphere to the box.

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